Geographic Educators of Nebraska

Who we are

GEON has been part of the National Geographic Alliance Network since 1991. We are a self-sustaining, empowering organization whose members promote geographic education for all Nebraskans. Through the active participation of students, parents, teachers, government agencies, corporations and community members, GEON is dedicated to helping the citizens of Nebraska make sound decisions based on geographical knowledge using all the tools of the social sciences.

Randy Bertolas

Dr. Bertolas has taught geography at Wayne State College since 1995 and became coordinator of the Geographic Educators of Nebraska in 2004.  He serves as the host (and one of the five judges) each spring at the Nebraska State Geographic Bee.  Dr. Bertolas' academic interests include geography education, human geography, and natural disasters.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 402-375-7018

Mail: Dr. Bertolas, Wayne State College,
        1111 Main Street, Wayne NE 68787