Geographic Educators of Nebraska

How to Reserve a “Giganto” USA Map for Your Classroom?

Map of Nebraska

GEON Maps - Available to any school in the state

The Geographic Educators of Nebraska (GEON) own several Giganto USA Maps that are available to any classroom in the state.  Rental is free, all GEON asks is that you help with moving the map to the next school on the borrowing list. The map collapses into a shoulder bag that will fit across the back seat of most mid-size or larger cars.

Our attractive and colorful 20' x 16' map of the lower 48 states comes folded in its own shoulder bag: 

  • Separate maps feature Alaska and Hawaii
  • Durable vinyl surface showcases high-quality map features
  • Included lesson plans provide suggestions for learning activities
  • Comes with colored ropes, cones, & other teaching manipulatives!


To Borrow the Giganto USA Floor Map at NO CHARGE, please contact: 

Kristy McGuire at  [email protected] or [email protected]


This ESU has also purchased a Big USA Map for use at their schools:

ESU #1 Wakefield – contact Kellen Conroy at [email protected]


For information on our Giganto Nebraska map, see here